obróbka 5-osiowa

5 axis machining

With the help of 3D 5 axis CNC machine we are able to create almost everything. Complicated shapes that are impossible to make using traditional methods are now available for our clients. Milling, cutting, engraving ... with these methods we'll transform your imaginative ideas into architectural woodworking showpieces ! See the gallery

malowanie złotą farbą

Golden coating

With the tremendous experience we can varnish your furniture in any color. Gold? No problem. Effect? Staggering. See the gallery

malowanie mebli

Painting furniture

Gilding, aging, various themes and decorations - all this can be found on your piece of furniture made ​​in our company. See the gallery

komunikacja z elektroniką

Communication with  electronic devices

Good furniture is furniture that follow with the times. We put docking stations for mobile devices such as iPad/iPod/iPhone or other devices into our products. Preparation and installation of electronic equipment and professional sound system is not a problem for us also. See the gallery



The flourishing of art incrustation took place at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth century in France. It involves pasting a piece of furniture properly cut tile from such materials as wood, ivory, metal, pearl, gold and many others. On request we can inlay any material into our furniture. See the gallery

elektryczne wspomaganie

Electric Power

We can put electric powered systems into our products on your personal request. See the gallery

złocenie mebli

Covering furniture with gold 24K

Gilded furniture? That’s not a problem for ART PLUS. See the gallery

obszywanie mebli skórą

Leather furniture

How can I get a piece of furniture that not only looks beautiful but is nice to touch also? I Order it in ART. PLUS! We will select the color and texture just to satisfy our client. See the gallery

nietuzinkowe pomysły

Extraordinary ideas

We make various furniture, even those for whom the word "extraordinary" isn’t enough. See the gallery

niestandardowe zabudowy

Custom built

What if you want to build in some non-standard, undersized unit? Go to our company - you’ll be get the best possible solution. See the gallery


Furniture Graphics

Graphics is a new trend in the furniture industry, that we have mastered to perfection. The range of available prints is so great that we can guarantee the selection of your dream design /photo. With the optional LED backlighting, these images give you an unforgettable feeling. See the gallery

technika led

LED Technology

LED lighting is a very efficient one. It is very impressive and yet inexpensive technology. See the gallery

stylowe rozwiązania

Stylish solutions

At ART PLUS  every furniture manufactured is not only durable but also has its own unique style. See the gallery

starzenie mebli

Aging furniture

See the gallery

klasyczne techniki wytwarzania

The classic manufacturing techniques

The variety of decorative elements on furniture market is very large. The average customer can choose from a variety of finished items. But what if you want something special? You can come to our company. We'll do the rest. See the gallery

niestandardowe rozwiązania

Custom solutions

For our company custom solutions are everyday life, so we know how to solve problems quickly and aesthetically See the gallery

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